Papua Pegunungan (Highland Papua), Indonesia

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Wamena Elevation - GPS vs Altimeter Set to Low Elevation Air

The DGCA is updating airport elevations using survey-grade GPS units. Pilots arriving at Wamena with an altimeter setting from a low-elevation airport (Sentani, Timika, Nabire, Merauke) will notice a significant difference in elevation (altimeter will show closer to 5100โ€™ at Wamena). This is mainly due to the errors associated with a pressure altimeter in higher-than-standard temperatures. For more information about this indicated vs true altitude error, see FAA AC 00-6B 5.4.1 โ€œAltitudeโ€, John S Denker โ€œHow It Fliesโ€ 20.2.4 <> and Mike Borgeltโ€™s article at

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It is correctly spelled Gearik!

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Just only 1 way in and 1 way out!

Just only 1 way in ... using RWY 10 ... lefthand approach circle to the mountain from 8000 feet descent to 6000 feeet .... before hit the mountain wall then immediately turn left from base leg to join final leg at RWY 10, at elevation 5007 feet! Amazing landing!

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rough asphalt runway

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TRIGANA AIR has a regular service to OKSIBIL (OKL) from DJJ (Jayapura)

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