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Some airfields are used for motorsport and music festival sites, the revenue from this could keep the runway open?

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re: Need to be developed

I agree with you!! Keningau Airport should not be monopolized for certain groups. Instead it is used for shared facilities.

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Need to be developed

My comment on Keningau airport: It is to be developed and continues to operate as before. It should not be left abandoned and used for unproductive center such as drinking and karaoke. For me if the airport is developed it will give advancement to the people of Keningau, Nabawan, Sook and Tenom. In addition, many residents in this area nowadays work and study overseas so this will save time for them to move easily.

If the airport is in operation, it does not only provide convenience to the residents of this district, it is beneficial to external students from Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak came to study in "Institut Perguruan Keningau" and they also come to work and teach here. "Maybe the airport is suitable only for domestic flights."

Even so, the airport was used as "Flying Club" for the type of small aircraft "Bever RX 550", "Quicksilver Mx", "Trex 700" etc. .. also just for military facilities. Keningau Airport this should not have a monopoly on certain groups in the other hand it is used for consumption and common facilities.

do you agree? hmmmmm....

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