Brisbane International Airport

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flight timetable

Great site,

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What a great site

Terrific site, thank you.

Easy to find the flights I'm waiting on and all the info I need is there.

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Friday 14th November departure from International Airport

Where do I find info about any possible interruptions to plane departures etc, due to G20?

Should passengers arrive earlier than usual?

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Lost luggage

My brother, wife and wife's father arrived on a ethihad flight 23 December 2013 and caught a virgin flight to Melbourne. Brisbane airport managed to loose all their luggage. Not very impressed as nobody seems to care. Obviously must happen a lot at this airport.

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BAC aaivals database.

BAC has useless data base of arrivals at the International Terminal. NZ7915 from Wellington is not shown at all. Why not? Air New Zealand website shows it as arriving tonight at 2211 hrs.

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Flight info for incoming international flight

It is 1 pm and I needed flight info for a 4 pm arrival. Your screen went to only 3 pm. So I changed the times in your chart to to 3 to 6 pm arrivals, guess what it didn't do it it kept coming up with the 3 pm cut off. Hopeless. If you put this in your site make sure it !?,',,, works

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re: Flight 433

Thank you for this information. The web page for live flight information canno be loaded.

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Flight 433

Emirates flight to Dubai - showing in departures as going to Singapore ???????

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Brindabella Airlines home base in not Brisbane, but Canberra

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re: Brindabella

Thank you - I've updated the airline's home base in the database:

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Brisbane NDB decommissioned

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re: NDB

Thank you for the update - I've removed the Brisbane NDB from the database.

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I can't wait until they open the new parallel runway. A pity it won't be pointing into the prevailing (south-easterly) wind.

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