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Does this airport still exist?

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Note: Bing Maps imagery shows a much more serviceable strip than Google Maps does. Not sure how old Bing's images are.

Conducted a prec search at this strip in 2018 and it looked unsuitable for landing due as it was overgrown

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Very hard strip to spot. There are cones but that's it. If you have this for a CPL nav/test do a good recce of the satellite image before flying!

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This runway YHAB β€œhideaway bay” @ Cape Gloucester is overgrown and cannot be used it is an old runway not in service

There is another small private strip approx 300 m long and small heliport nearby at the Heavens Gate residence.


PRIVATE USE ONLY. Seek permission from the owner before attempting to land as it may be in use for a private sport aircraft.

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What is the location of amberley

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Incorrect and DANGEROUS details in suggested above location.

Correct location was as below:

Latitude: 18Β°14'54.99"S

Longitude: 145Β° 7'33.45"E

Airport was closed over 10 years ago.

Please update your information as a matter of urgency.


Mardi Atkinson

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Updates required

The current ICAO code is YNPE, not YBAM, and the current Wikipedia link is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Peninsula_Airport

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Well, here I am, just joined and already telling you what's wrong.

Please understand this is more a question than a comment. I noticed it because it's in my local area.

I notice this airstrip is named Baroco on the Brisbane VTC. The nearby settlement is Kooringal, which makes sense.

Does the airstrip go by both names perhaps?


Richard Lee

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Name of Airport

This airport is not called Brisbane West. The airport so named is even further West of Toowoomba, and it is a ridiculous distance from Brisbane and extremely deceptively named

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A country air dome

I visited the air dome when I had a flight review on 15th of Oct 2017.

It was nice to drop here for having some T & Gos in the C-X flight.

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(no subject)

How's the safety of a parked a/c at the strip for a few days reference cattle getting curious?

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Ingelara airstrip

Today June 5 2017 I took off from Ingelara airstrip. I know I have written here before but I have to say a very big thank you to Stuart and Cheree Ogg who are wonderful people in allowing us aviators the opportunity to fly to Carnarvon Gorge, without their generosity it would not be possible to do so. The airstrip is in terrific condition ideal for my C182. There is a windsock and the elevation is 1100 feet.I believe they should charge a landing fee but what ever they get is given to the RFDS. I think a minimum of $50 is appropriate. Please remember Rewan is now closed and on any case Ingelara is far superior in my opinion and I have been flying for 57 years. Thank you Stuart and Cheree. Peter Pigott

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Ingelara details

To The owners.

Can you please tell us the airfield height and whether you have circuit procedures etc? Also, another poster mentioned landing fees. Can you please tell us how much they are (as of April 2017)? We hope to be flying in around the 1-2 May 2017 in company with some other airplanes, mostly ultralights.

Looking forward to seeing you out there and your beautiful part of the country.

S&C Hendry

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Hard to get PPR, have to follow lots of rules, but friendly with fuel.

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Great place

A great place, welcoming and friendly with a fantastic club house with beds up stirs and a shower

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No airport here

No airport at this location

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what do you mean

Well I live around that area and I've never seen a helicopter land there or even park there, I don't think there's a landing area.

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Excellent dives

Small island that's mostly a national park, a bit pricey to get to and stay at although you can charter a flight from Cape Flattery or cheaper and better to get a boat to take you out and prearrange a time/date for them to pick you up too. The Lizard Island resort does have charter boats you can use or try to get on with a scientific crew going to the research station on the island.

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Wow!! What a spectacular site from the air

The image from up here is absolutely impressive. By far the best aspect of natures work - dirt

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flight timetable

Great site,

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Ballera Airport

Santos Gas Plant

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An arrival from overseas might expect a short cab ride to Brisbane with a Name like Brisbane West ?

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Great place to visit!

Fantastic airport and landing strip. Very well maintained, very clean, lots of shade. Crosswind can be a little awkward at times but a burst of power on landing settles through that easily. Great parking on hard stand.

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State changed

Now marked as Queensland

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The state for this airport is wrong

This airport is officially in the state of Queensland and not in the state of New South Wales. The Wikipedia entry for the airport will also confirm this.

What is interesting about this airport is that it physically crosses the state line and timezoneboundary between New South Wales and Queensland, so during summer when NSW has daylight saving and Qld doesn't, planes push off from the terminal in Qld time but leave the ground one hour earlier because the end of the runway is in NSW time.

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Why is this impossible?

Why can't I find any information on this airstrip? It's listed on the WAC chart but nowhere else. Not even in the AOPA directory that I just bought for the purpose of finding information to land here.

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Rwy 28

Rwy 28/10. 1000 mtr grass. Rwy 28 - If been raining heavily can be soft ground for 250 mtrs from threshold to 1st exit so do not touch down before 1st exit marked by tyres.

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Inquiries on Caboolture aiport

does this airport have a fuel farm? If so, what company and whereabouts is it located in the airport?

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I used this air strip many times and found it excellent for my C182 and the family that own it wonderful people and they donate the landing fee to the Royal flying doctor service and I believe they should be thanked for making it available. I always took my portable electric fence with me to keep the cattle away should they be on the strip after landing.i am going back there shortly and I will report further. Peter Pigott VH UPT

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Circuit Directions

Runway 15 - Left hand circuit

Runway 33 - Right hand circuit

(please do not over fly the housing estate on the norther side)

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What a great site

Terrific site, thank you.

Easy to find the flights I'm waiting on and all the info I need is there.

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Friday 14th November departure from International Airport

Where do I find info about any possible interruptions to plane departures etc, due to G20?

Should passengers arrive earlier than usual?

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Power Lines

The power lines are on Eastern Threshold...Sorry. I think it is Runway 28 from memory, and probably 100m to 500m...Not a big problem but don't come in too low, especially in low light.

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Power Lines

Power lines exist at Southern end approximately 500m from threshold

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RH circuit for 18

Fly RH circuits for 18 due to close proximity of Mackay CTR (fly on western side of runway only)

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1400 mtrs sealed runway 32/14. Can have nasty crosswind, west to east, at threshold 32 and wind shear 100 mtrs before threshold 14. Threshold 14 cannot be seen from dispersal.

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Lost luggage

My brother, wife and wife's father arrived on a ethihad flight 23 December 2013 and caught a virgin flight to Melbourne. Brisbane airport managed to loose all their luggage. Not very impressed as nobody seems to care. Obviously must happen a lot at this airport.

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Proserpine is better.

It is much nicer to fly into Proserpine Airport.

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Beaut place to visit.

Weather great. Security excellent for plane parking and air traffic controllers very helpful and obliging. Terminal facilities really good too.

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Radio Frequency

Please update your CTAF frequency

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Currently out of action for all except RFDS (Aug 2013 - ?? Oct ?? ) due surface damage

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Area CTAF 126.7

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BAC aaivals database.

BAC has useless data base of arrivals at the International Terminal. NZ7915 from Wellington is not shown at all. Why not? Air New Zealand website shows it as arriving tonight at 2211 hrs.

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re: Question

no because caboolture aerodrome is too small for those types of planes

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Does qantas or any other airline fly,to caboolture from major citys

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Contact Imformation

i am finding it extremely dificult to get your contact details.

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Flight info for incoming international flight

It is 1 pm and I needed flight info for a 4 pm arrival. Your screen went to only 3 pm. So I changed the times in your chart to to 3 to 6 pm arrivals, guess what it didn't do it it kept coming up with the 3 pm cut off. Hopeless. If you put this in your site make sure it !?,',,, works

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