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Give me a break!

Food for thought: What would happen if you ever needed an emergency flight by the Royal Flying Doctor Service or Air Ambulance or Care Flight. These aircraft aren't manufactured with pilots in them, no, they have to do lots training both on the ground and airborne and whilst you might think the pilot flying overhead is annoying he or she just might save your life or that of one of your family one day. So instead of lambasting them for upsetting your peace and quiet say a little prayer of thanks that they are doing something worthwhile with their lives. Next time you take off in a jumbo jet there's a real human being up front, in fact two, one is a pilot and the other is his co-pilot and without them the aircraft doesn't take off. When there are no aircraft flying that's the time to start worrying.

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For the past week, small aircraft have been flying constantly all and everyday for the past week......Can someone please put a STOP to this as it's VERY inconsiderate of our peace and quiet around the area of Ocean Shores and other areas......Please act ASAP!!!!

Thank you

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Low flying plane for more than an hour this morning!

We live in myocum & most mornings we are woken to the noise of low flying planes. One in particular flies over & over for ages. Why can't they fly out to sea instead of flying over a residential area? Seems as they are a law unto themselves. Planes have been continuously flying low over our house for over an hour this morning!

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Low flying plane for over 25 minutes today!

Who are the idiot joyriders plaguing us with continuous low swoops over our property and surrounding area of Myocum? ah, is this yet again the way our rights to peace and quiet are to be invaded by tourists and other jokers in planes? This plane was just above the gums on their lowest swoop.

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Interesting Runway

Last visit there was a drainage ditch across about 100 m of the western threshold.

Otherwise, beware parachutists and when grass long and wet.

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Low flying planes

From regulation 157 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988:

(1) The pilot in command of an aircraft must not fly the aircraft over:

(a) any city, town or populous area at a height lower than 1,000 feet; or

(b) any other area at a height lower than 500 feet.

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Low flying planes

anyone who cares to check will find that 500 metres (1650 feet) approx is quite legal as the regulations state that minimum level above built up areas is 1500'.

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Low flying bi-plane

I am writing to council and ombudsman about the gold-coloured bi plane imposing over the township of Brunswick heads. today you are flying only about 500 metres above the market area fir the benefit of one or two people and terrorizing about 1000 market goers, tourists and voters all congregating in and around the Brunswick Heads township. It is illegal to fly so low and I will ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations.

S. Buchanan (Brunswick Heads)

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low flying aricraft

I am contacting the ombudsman regarding the small aircraft which is flying way too low and too often above my house. You guys know it is illegal so stop now before you get fined and told to stop.

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pissed off local

Really sick of the whirring sound of the planes flying over head, low flying aircraft, the early wake up on saturdays and sundays. too many bloody planes over Myocum. Stay home guys or fly over the ocean.

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re: pissed off local

Really sick of the whirring sound of people whinging after they buy houses near airports (with the market prices reflecting that fact) only to start bleating about aircraft noise. Be more observant next time or go jump in the ocean.

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