Comment "Give me a break!" on Tyagarah Airport, Australia

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Give me a break!

Food for thought: What would happen if you ever needed an emergency flight by the Royal Flying Doctor Service or Air Ambulance or Care Flight. These aircraft aren't manufactured with pilots in them, no, they have to do lots training both on the ground and airborne and whilst you might think the pilot flying overhead is annoying he or she just might save your life or that of one of your family one day. So instead of lambasting them for upsetting your peace and quiet say a little prayer of thanks that they are doing something worthwhile with their lives. Next time you take off in a jumbo jet there's a real human being up front, in fact two, one is a pilot and the other is his co-pilot and without them the aircraft doesn't take off. When there are no aircraft flying that's the time to start worrying.

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