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Visited the other day

Was a Friday. VFR and gorgeous day. Saw about 8 airplanes tied down. None of them looked like they were airworthy except a cub well maintained. Many had flat tires. The "FBO" was open but deserted. Some bottled water and an old broken microwave. No plumbing/running water. The hanger was locked but I could see inside there were some planes in there. In the one hour i was there, not a soul came by, drove by, or landed. My dog and I sat on the picnic bench and had some lunch. I was dreaming about turning this place into something that people could enjoy. Maybe a small greasy spoon eatery. Or give "Cub" rides on Sundays for $5 like the 30s. I hate to see small grassroots airports wither away, but such is General Aviation really. Not enough people interested to pass the torch.... Anwyay, hung out with hope, but finally departed to visit another lonely airport a few miles away - Newton. Even more deserted.

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