Comment "re: My Home Base" on Boundary Bay Airport, Canada

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re: My Home Base

The are several important reporting points:

South: Point Roberts

North: Alex Fraser Bridge (on Hwy 91)

East: 99 and the Nickel river (barely south of the hwy 99 and king george hwy interchange), 99 and the serpentine river (west of King george airpark; i'd recommend calling up over the airpark though when inbound), the gas pumps (intersection of ladner trunk and hwy 99)

That said, there are several unusual procedures in place, RH circuits on Rwy 25, and inbound/outbound traffic procedures to avoid interference with Delta Airpark to the East. I highly recommend getting a hold of a CFS and looking at the traffic flow maps in there, for first time visitors CZBB can be very confusing. That said, the southbound dep/arr is pretty straightforward.

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