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Flickr Images of the Greater Southwest Airport (Amon Carter

Photographers who have photo images of Amon Carter Field when it was still in use during the '60's ought to consider placing them (photos) on FLICKR for enjoyment of aviation buffs. I'm sure there are some folks out there who still have pictures of this airport in Ft. Worth in their possession . It would be interesting to see what the airport operations and facilities were like back then. I was personally privileged to tour the terminal plus the concourses as well as the ramp area with a friend of mine back in mid '70's. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me to photograph the airfield. We had unlimited access to the concourses and ramp. There were no aircraft operations after DFW opened. I was fortunate to find an original kodachrome slide, on EBAY, taken in 1955 with a Central Airlines DC-3 parked on the south concourse. The image is in excellent condition. I'm lucky to have it in my personal collection. Today, nothing exists on the site of the terminal of historical significance. A small bit of concrete slab, part of the taxiway from the runway is still there and can be seen clearly after take off from DFW. March 27, 2014 Bob V H

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