Comment "Discrimination" on Kigali International Airport, Rwanda

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I was flying from kigali on the 23rd of july and unfortunately it ruined my holiday because of the discrimination against muslim women at the airport. There were 3 of us and we were all wearing the islamic black gown. When we passed the security check for hand-luggage we all passed through the machine without it beeping and yet we were all checked physically by the female officer there. I do not understand why we were physically checked and yet the machine did not beep. Other women were not physically checked if the machine did not beep. This is discrimination against muslim women. Rwanda is an amazing place for a holiday but because of this humiliation I would not recommend anyone visiting Rwanda because of their insulting behaviour at Kigali Airport. I have travelled a lot and I have never come across such rude behaviour. If Rwanda doesn't want muslim women to visit them, they should just say so rather than making us go through this humiliation.

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