Comment "Extremely rude immigration staff" on OR Tambo International Airport, South Africa

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Extremely rude immigration staff

I was traveling to JHB OR Tambo from Abu Dhabi Etihad flight. Upon landing at JHB, I proceeded to the passport control hall. It was all full since some other flights had also arrived same time. I had to wait in line for almost 2 hours. Then when my turn came, I handed over my passport to the officer for stamping. The officer with his SHIT attitude said to me why didn't I greet him at first. I mean how does it make sense? I walked to the counter and handed over the passport. After waiting in line for 2 hours I may not be in a mood to greet him! And is it not his responsibility as well to greet people entering in his country? Total SHAME! That counter is actually the entry gate to the country and when you face such rude people you feel like never coming back to the country. Is this how you welcome guests into South Africa? Really?

Also while waiting in line there was no sitting arrangement, no water nothing! There was free Wi-Fi just for name sake. (which didn't work as expected).

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