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Former student at Lincoln Park Airport

This is the first time I have seen this website, and I am pleased to see the response from others about the airport.

Back in 1962 on my sixteenth birthday my grandfather paid for my first lesson.

The plane was a Piper PA-11, tail number 4549M. The instructor was H.T. Buckley.

The lesson was only thirty minutes but the memory lasted a lifetime. That day I was introduced to Ed Gorski and his wife, and other pilots were in the office on that day. After that first flight, I spent every dollar I earned going back for more, for I could not get enough of this new experience which completely changed my life. I remember after I had soloed once or twice Ed would ride in the back seat for the first couple of landings, to make sure I was able to handle the cross wind conditions, he always seemed to have a cigar in his mouth and yelling orders from the back seat about what I was doing wrong. When I fly today I can still hear his voice and it brings back back fond memories.

There is a lot more that I would l like to share about my experiences at the Lincoln Park airport but the website does not allow the space it would require. I thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences.

Robert J. Ruck

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