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Memorable (but short)Summer Job

I worked at Berz Airport in 1967. Looking back, it was a dream job..short-lived due to my own short-comings in arriving to work on time. I kick myself for that, as I had opportunities,thanks to Mr. Berz, to take flying lessons at a discount. I frequently returned to Berz Airport to enjoy it again,remembering each time the many planes, people , and overall enjoyment working there. I'm sorry it was sold and although I have returned to remember Berz's aiport, the Troy-Oakland remnant is nothing at all like the original. Mr. Berz was a fair and good man to work for. I was fortunate to have experienced washing, taxiing and caring for the Cherokee and Piper trainers. That summer of 1967, I saw a Lear Jet come in for viewing, walked into the cockpit of a King Air, spoke to a pilot who showed me the STOL capabilities of his military camouflaged turbine-engine plane, was allowed to hand-crank an inertia starter biplane(really cool!), and tanked up some intersting old twin-Beech and Turbo-Commanders' that still remain as highlights of my short job experience. Milt, if you're still listening, "thanks for the memories!".

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