Comment "Great food!" on Lachute Airport, Canada

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Great food!

Flew three friends here from Rockcliffe CYRO for lunch. It was a Friday, about 1:30, when I arrived.

Very busy - there were helicopter arrivals and departures, as well as lots of movements of SE fixed wing. The flying club / restaurant is at the east end of the runway (no taxiway), and there were several overshoots due to traffic not having yet cleared the runway (CSE4 uses R28 whenever possible, which results in less backtracking that R10).

No issues with language - lots of english in the circuit, with some french.

And the food!!! I had a simple club sandwich, and it was tasty beyond belief. With a ton of well-cooked frend fries. Those that had the smoked meat sandwich also raved about the food.

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