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Arrogant local

two hours ago I went to arrival to pick up my sister and so much traffic in the parking lot...I paid my parking fee in the machine but when I reached the barrier to come out in the parking lot my ticket has expired due to heavy traffic inside the parking lot...suddenly there's one local guy who's for sure working there yelled at me saying " go back go back " I asked the Indian man why do I have to pay again he simply say " what can I do?" I know he can't do anything because of that arrogant local man who's acting like the facilitator or supervisor of that parking but I believe the management of the airport terminal 1 would not tolerate that kind behaviour which will give negative impact in Dubai in terms of tourism.

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Baggage collection nightmare

Terminal 1, baggage conveyor stops just after 2 minutes of operations. Information shared is that it will take some time as the maintenance crew is on the other end of the belt.. The ten other belts are not in use currently displaying inelligible information.

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Flight arrival information

It is impossible to check the arrival of a flight on line which is scheduled to arrive before midnight e.g on the 7th November but which is delayed and actually arrives just after midnight i.e on the 8th December. Surely the software can and should be adapted to deal with this situation.

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maktoum international airport

Its in the middle off no wear .

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long walk to immigration

landed from singapore airline had to walk more than half an hour to get to immigration very very bad

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scheduled flight

How is it possible to coordinate a scheduled flight to here from neighbor islands?

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re: Canadian Connection

Canadians were asked to leave Minhad last year due to disputes over RMIs Blackberry technology and air routes into Canada for Emirates Airline. The Aussies are still there and occasional US Navy resupply runs for ships docked a Jebel Ali.

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Great services for handicapped/disabled passengers. Just ask for assistance at customer service

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Rwys open

All the Runways are open.

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Brilliant airport

The airport is brilliant. Nice terminal. The terminal 3 has ultra-modern facilities and Emirates has provided great service o it's passengers. It is one of the best airports in the world

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The runways here are in upgrading process

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Runway 12R-30L is closed for construction so my flight MH 156 arrivong from Kuala Lumpur lands at 12L...we taxi for over 10 mins.

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It is a nice airport with a lot of traffic.

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Canadian Connection

This base is also the location of Canadian Forces Camp Mirage, a 200 pers logistics center supporting Cndn forces in Afghanistan.

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