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cerrillos airport

is the adress is correct?

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Worst airport in Latin America

They do not have any sophisticated equipment to handle customs. They make everyone to open the luggages going in. You could be in a single line for 30 mins to an hour. Leaving Santa Cruz the anti narcotics police will check every piece that you have in your carry on for drugs, specially if you are a single business traveler who made a short business trip to Bolivia. Everyone has to go through the anti narcotics check.

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It may be wrong

The closest airstrip to Lagunillas is Caraparicito, 18 km S of the town (not 6 km N), at -19.81 and -63.66

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incorrect name

The correct name of this airport is "San Ignacio de Moxos". Please change this information.

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FSX Flight Sim

Presently making this airport

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Me pregunté dónde los vuelos tienen a Santa Cruz o La Paz, dejando a este aeropuerto de Puerto Suárez.

Otra informacion, el teléfono este aeropuerto (Puerto Suárez).


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How do you add routs to a airport?

(For examle Aerocon files here)

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RUNWAY 10---110.30---097º

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re: I think the coordinates are wrong

Actually, don't worry -- I merged this into the proper SLMG airport.

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re: Wrong place

This is the right airport for the codes, according to the ICAO pub. The lat/lon had somehow been rounded off to full degrees, so I fixed those.

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re: I think the coordinates are wrong

Yes, a lot of the S.A. stuff is questionable, even when it was taken from official government sources. What was your source, Paul? If it's at all credible, please feel free to edit the airport.

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I think the coordinates are wrong

From another datasource, I got the longitude as -64.0619444444444, and that actually looks like an airport there.

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Wrong place

This is one of several "SLMG" here, and it's definitely in the wrong place.