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re: OurAirports doesn't delete closed airports

Reply to @animebirder: Thank you. Yes, that is correct. We keep closed airports in the database, but not closed heliports or floatplane bases (unless they have special historical interest; we haven't been too consistent, though). They are easy to filter out of the open data export.

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OurAirports doesn't delete closed airports

Hi @mforte! My understanding is that closed airports remain on the database for historical records as well as to keep people informed for aviation safety reasons -- so pilots do not attempt to land there, but are aware the facility either exists or previously existed. There is also the chance that if a closed airport still exists, it may still be used in case of emergency (ie Air Canada Flight 143, 23/07/1983).

This also allows passengers and pilots to log historical visits that occurred in the past (ie my own visit to Hong Kong Kai Tak in 1980).


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Replaced Luzhou Lantian Airport

Replaced in 2018.

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Luzhou Lantian is CLOSED and was replaced by Luzhou Yunlong (IATA: LZO, ICAO: ZULZ)

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Hello Green Chilli,

You may describe Chengdu's airport very modern, light and airy design because that depends on how you see, but common, where have you seen (plenty) of fruit stalls? Everybody can see what is there and what not; you can not make it up. What's the point.

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Quite developed

I was surprised at the development of Chengdu's airport. Very modern, light and airy design - shopping and food options, some quite nice and not too expensive.

Plenty of fruit stalls before check-in to stock up on the local favourites also.

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