Castilla–La Mancha, Spain

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re: Not sure why tagged as a "spam airport".

Reply to @animebirder: I've rejected the problem report.

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Not sure why tagged as a "spam airport".

This definitely exists, clearly visible on Google and OSM sat-maps.

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Update 2021

Reopened as of September 2019, primarily being used to store aircraft for Vueling during the COVID crisis.

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Skydive Espana - skydiving

Now open for skydiving only at Skydive Espana. For skydive courses: AFF, StaticLine and Tandem Skydive. @skydiveespana

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Closed, or just in receivership?

All airlines have ceased flights to this airport, but is it closed to non-airline flights?

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Gliding Site of the Real Aeroclub de Toledo

the airport hosts skydiving, gliding, or similar activities

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don't go there !!

i really was chocked about the communication. Although English is THE required languages for everything to do with flying.

I have phoned twice, about the time to come for refueling, twice they said to be there from 1500 to 1700 lcl time. In the NOTAM there is a VFR window of 0800 to 14.00 the guys on the phone both said "NO between 1500 and 1700".

now i did send a mail 12hrs upfront, but the reply came 2 hours before i left at 1200lcl which i didn't check because i already checked out of the hotel and i did phone twice. Nobody told me this on the phone.!!

Then if got confronted, after refueling with scandalous prices of 4.16 a liter. like 2.16 per liter plus outside hours refueling 'bonus' of 326 euro's

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