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re: (no subject)

Reply to @espinielli: Clearly had to be towed or trucked there somehow, considering the lack of runway (or VTOL capability). Pretty wild.

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(no subject)

How did that airframe in the satellite image arrive there?

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Repurposing duplicate

This was previously a duplicate heading for Mestia Airport -- it's been repurposed for a heliport near Tbilisi.

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Great airport but beware the taxi driver!

Nice and efficient.

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the airport looks closed?

can anyone shed some light about the state of the infrastructure and length of the runway? is it planned to reopen it?

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Now new terminal building

Airport is now named "Mestia Queen Tamar Airport"

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I am very glad, that Georgia mooves forvard as a progressive country.

I extremely want to visit Svanetia again.

Hope to see it soon!

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re: Is this airport closed?

Reply to @david:

there are only three operating civil airports in Georgia for the moment:

Tbilisi International Airport (TBS)

Batumi International Airport (BUS)

Kutaisi International Airport (Kopitnari / KPT)

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Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Zugdidi is the capital city of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

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Is this airport closed?

The markings are nearly worn off the pavement, and at least one road or path seems to cross it.