Northeastern Region, Iceland

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Daily connections with Reykjavik

If you have to do in the region very convenient. Beware that flights (Eagle airlines) take off at a separate terminal at Reykjavik domestic airport

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re: Spectacular approach!

Reply to @philippe: You havn't seen Isafjordur wich is a scheduled airport and the runway heading is straight in to a mountain and a narrow approach to, more spectacular!

regards Jon

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Spectacular approach!

The approach is an offset localizer with curved approach lights, down into a fjord. Interesting missed approach and departure procedure too. The scenery is unbelievably beautiful. Efficient service from the airport staff, reasonable Avgas price for Europe.

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re: Akureryi

Reply to @Tanya: Sure as hell beats the domestic airport at Reykjavik! Loved Akureyri!

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Beautiful scenery!

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