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Rain dispersal

They spray areas around naivasha to prevent rainfall..we are watching

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Delete this. Duplicate to MRE (HKMS)

There is no airport here. This must be confused with Mara Serena Lodge Airstrip which is a few miles north of here

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Marked as closed based on visitor feedback.

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Does not exist anymore

Does not exist

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Shirika Farm Airstrip

I used to fly George's Cessna 172 FR (5Y-AKL) from that airstrip in 1980/82 and remember the time nostalgically.

Is George still alive?

All the best wherever you may be.

Norbert P. (German)

Skype: Bergfrosch

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i am a concerned youth from a village immediately after the airport that is chepyakwai.i usually don't understand what benefits the society gains or enjoy from having the airport within.you understand the states of our roads and the society we live in.looking forward for you step of action to benefit the society.

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I was born in early 90's near kampi samaki at a village called meisori which lies at the showers of lake baringo near Kampi samaki Airstrip,the place is so nice has good tourist attraction that includes birdwatchin,boat ride,island camping in the midst of the lake and so much more visit the area and have a look of your own.

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I enjoyed the visit to E.I.A where we were highly welcome We as family of Nairobi Aviation College Nakuru Campus, it was on 10th may 2013. Me myself as one of the student; Robert,i was impressed of the services they offer, flights dispatching, and staff organization. How can i go applying for attachment there?

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re: Location

I've moved the airport marker, but it still doesn't look like an airport.

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The exact location is: 02 20 43N 35 52 58E

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This is the right location of lokori airstrip

N1 58.000 E36 01.000 this is the rigt location of the strip. I know have landed there several times.

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kabarnet airstrip

its good though it is slightly out of town,,appprox 5km away,,the locals are good

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which Kenya airport would be best to fly from to arrive into Mara Shikar. Is there a direct flight to Mara Shikar from S, Africa?

Thank you for your help

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re: wrong hemispere

I've moved the latitude, but I don't see an airport there.

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wrong hemispere

the Airport is not at Latitude: 0.476944, but at Latitude: -0.476944 (wrong sign -> wrong hemisphere)

the Longitude is correct.

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George Smith Airstrip.

Mr Smith earlier this year sold his ~480 Ha farm to a Mombasa businessman, David Lagat. Mr Lagat wants to convert the farm into an upscale residential and recreation center complete with schools, hospitals, banks and shopping malls. It is not known if the old airstrip will be made use of. The last time an aircraft used the strip was in 2011. The facility was used mostly by crop-spraying aircraft but Smith quit farming many years ago. An Indian farming family had since been leasing the land but no crop was planted this year due to the said sale.

NB: A fellow farmer of South African extraction, Petrus 'Fanie' Kruger also sold his ~2000 Ha Sergoit Farm which had a longer and busier airstrip some 15 or so km to the North East of the Smit Farm.

Cosmas Ronno

Mti Moja. Eldoret

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Brians Inn

Brian's Inn is located about 1 Km from Njoro Airstrip. For accommodation, small group conference facilities.

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re: Kenya's main fighter base

Reply to @david: were real men hood kip it up comrades

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Kenya's main fighter base

This is one of Kenya's two main air bases (the other is Moi Air Base), and its main fighter base.

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