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information flight to CXI to Honolulu

Today 1 February will be some flight to Honolulu?

Please which days of flight from CXI to Honolulu this week?


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100LL Fuel

Could someone send fuel information to

Looking to fly Baron 58 through to ACK in late Feb 2013


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Is avgas available on PLCH?

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re: Avgas at Cassidy International

Just out of curiosity. Was Avgas available ? Is there a need to pre-arrange it.

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Avgas at Cassidy International

Flying on a ferry flight with my new (used) Saratoga from USA to Australia and the ferry company has scheduled landing at Cassidy for fuel. If there is no avgas then I won't be going any further. They always land there so I assume they arrange to ensure it is available.

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I was wondering if Avgas was available. 100LL

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Runway has patches upon patches.

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Airport fence is nearly non-existent. Beware of people, animals and vehicles on runway.

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