Pelagonia Statistical Region, North Macedonia

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Logovardi Airport, Macedonia/ LW74

this is an small airport, runaway from raw concrete builded in time of SFRJ used for a two-wing, which are used in agriculture and spraying mosquito, not an INTERNATIONAL

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Srpci Airport

Airport - Mislam ne, trba da ima avoni tamu, ama nema

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Welcomed by the President of the local Aeroclub!

Dear Dejan

thank you for showing us the facilities,- next time we visit Prilep we plan to fly in with our C-172 from Switzerland!

Thanks for your help

Best regards


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re: about the airport

Generally an "international" airport means it has scheduled international service, although some of the small airports around here call themselves ""international" because they have on-call Customs service.

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about the airport

in my oppinion,this airport must be an international airport

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