Nouakchott Region, Mauritania

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Closed after 23rd June, 2016

Replaced by GQNO

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re: re: Responses from ARO/AIS OFICE

If you want to spend a lot of $$$$ got in Mauritania.

You love troubles: go in Mauritania !

... don't worry, all the country is like that ... bandits !

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re: Responses from ARO/AIS OFICE

Good job that you left! No one will miss you here.


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Responses from ARO/AIS OFICE

1) When you call o send a fax nobody unswer it do not matter if you go to the AIP or any other sourse. (doit yourself call to Noadibou airpot or anywhere, the AIP means nothing for them just paper)

2) They do not respect ICAO international agreements eventhough they are signors, for instance, the resquest a clearance number for overfly, tecnical stop or whatever. (no freedoms of the air) Probably they don´t even know what agreements they have signed and part of.

3) If you need to get fuel prices or something they do not put the means.

4) Whatever the problem they will increase it.

5) They like to see airports empty of aircraft so they don´t have to move.

6) A handling for a small aircraft 500€ if do not want to have problems.

7) If you can avoid a stop over by in Mauritania do it.

8) This country is isolating itself and then blaming someone else (europeans, indians, chinese), the sourse of there problems comes from abroad according to them, probably from another planet.

9) The people related to aviation field they do not speak english

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