Pahang, Malaysia

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SKS Airways has plans to start SZB TOD flights before end 2019

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Regional airport

This is small clean and functional airport, all you need to end an international flight and start to feel the local side of the area. Love the walk from terminal to the aircraft.

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Service availability

It appears impossible (1 March 2014) to book flights(April-May 2014) between SZB(Subang) and TOD, or SIN(Singapore) /XSP(Seletar) and TOD for any dates, so it seems Berjaya Air has discontinued its service. It would be very convenient to know if this is a permanent thing, and to know whether another carrier is likely to take up those routes.

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Bentong Airport

Is this still around, because on the map it just shows the middle of a jungle. What is the accuracy of these airport locations, especially the smaller, older aerodomes?

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