Friesland, Netherlands

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Keywords: Aachen

This airport has nothing to do with Aachen.

Please remove that keyword.


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Offshore wind farm

This platform is part of an offshore North Sea wind farm with a planned 600 MW capacity.

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Wonderful field

Nice field to visit, very friendly and helpful people

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Very flexible

This is a small airport, situated extremely close to the village of Drachten. A small caveat is that only 26 is open for GA. 08 is only for MLA traffic nowadays.

An airport official at the office told us later that 08 might be used by GA-traffic, but only after permission and instructions from the tower and that landings should be done at the threshold (this is very tricky because of the trees at the beginning of 08).

Furthermore if you're entering from the south you may enter the circuit from the east, but again only with permission from the tower (or you could ask for a straight in, but that's not so much of a fun).

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