Autonomous Region of Azores, Portugal

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Lost-comms procedure

From problem report:


In communication failure of Lajes airport notes :

If IFR (TACAN equipped) climb/descend to FL60 and proceed to IAF (WENDY), upon reaching start TACAN or ILS approach.

- If IFR (Non TACAN equipped) climb/descend to 4700' and proceed to GP NDB, upon reaching start NDB approach.

Please , How can I have the procedure of NDB and waypoint ( WINDY ) because not found in approach charts ??!!"

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1978 and 79

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NDB FLO 270 kHz u/s

FLO 270 has been off air since Nov 2008. They still have two NOTAMs that FLO is in test mode since 2003!?

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Santa Maria Airport, is a international airport...

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re: correction

ok, we will correct that

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joão paulo ii airport is not a regional one, he is a internatinal airport

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RUNWAY 18---110.30---182º

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