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Qatar Constructs Airbase near Dukhan

Qatar Constructs Airbase near Dukhan

October 23, 2019

Commercial satellite imagery shows the construction of Qatar’s new airbase located east of Dukhan on the peninsula’s western coast (coordinates 25.4723 N 51.0133 E). News reporting from 2018 suggests it will be called Tamim Airbase after Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, the country’s ruler responsible for expanding Qatar’s air capabilities.

Imagery indicates the airbase will support two runways, each measuring 3.75 km in length. The first runway was completed by June 2019. At the time, Qatar released handheld photography of the Emiri Air Force receiving its first squadron of five Rafale at the airbase. The Rafale have subsequently relocated to al-Udeid while construction activity continues.

As of 01 October 2019, eight aircraft shelters have been erected on the southernmost ramp and footprints of at least four maintenance hangars were visible. Additional ramps along the western parallel taxiway remain under construction as well as eight hardened weapon storage bunkers to the east. The second runway and additional link taxiways were still being paved in early October but were mostly complete by mid-October. Markings however were still not visible on the second runway. Further clearing and leveling activity was observed to the east and west of the two runways.

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