Dakar Region, Senegal

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Opened in 2017

This airport opened in December 2017, and scheduled airline service moved here from Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport inside the city.


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No more airline service

This was formerly Dakar's principal airport, but in December 2017, scheduled airline service moved to the newly-constructed Blaise Diagne International Airport, 43 km outside the city.


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Not bad

It's a typical West African airport. Lots of people trying to sell you stuff when you stwo outside, but no harm there. I was 20 seconds through the main security line (there's also a quick check on entry). There's a snack bar in the departure area, but also a regular frequent-flyer lounge, and a separate one with paid access (€8 or CFA 5000). WiFi is in and out, but then, it's free.

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