United States Minor Outlying Islands

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Refueling Stop, 1966

Flying from Ca. to Clark Air Base, USAF. Stopped here about 11 PM. All passengers, (maybe two dozen) went to the beach and played with sand crabs. A messhall opened and made sandwiches for the whole flight. No memory of where we slept but the plane took off before daybreak. The sky was beautiful that night.

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Johnston Atoll Airport

The airport was shut down in 2005 and the airstrip is not maintained.

The buildings once used are all torn down.

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Refueling stop 1957

I seem to remember a beached or sunken Japanese ship partially sticking out of the water just off runway 10 when I landed there. It seems like we just stayed long enough to get fuel and then fly on to Japan. I was young lad then so it is hard to remember. Has anyone else seen it?

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Wake Island

I was in the Marine Corps and Stopped at Wake for refueling. As out of the way it is, it is one of the most beautiful places i got to visit while stationed on Okinawa. I would love to visit it again one day.

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re: I love wake island

I spent three days there in 1967. It has the most beautiful blue water of shore that I have ever seen. I would like to have stayed under different circumstances.

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Closed after WWII

This airfield was closed after World War II, since Sand Island (PMDY), immediately to the west, allowed for a longer runway.

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I love wake island

I would move to wake island right now and never leave!!!

I love the airport,hope to see it in real life someday.

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