South Central Coast Region, Vietnam

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can not see heliport anymore

on imagery (Maxar, Bing) I can not see helipad anymore

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re: wikipedia reference

Reply to @Seandebasti: Thanks for the correction to my previous comment.

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wikipedia reference

all your comments with the wikipedia URLs named ".../Spratly_Island" should refer to not to this single island like and except of VN-0005

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(no subject)

Was this the airstrip alongside Highway 1 south of Nha Trang?

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Disputed territory

Vietnam currently occupies this reef, but several countries claim ownership:

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Disputed territory

This airport is in the Spratly Islands. Vietnam occupies the island, but several countries claim ownership.

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Dục Mỹ airstrip today (2015)

Today the airstrip at Dục Mỹ is used for drying a root that is used for cattle and pig feed. The chipped roots are spread out along the entire length of runway as well as along the parallel taxiway. No sign of a control tower or any other original buildings.

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Crew member

Crew member C130

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Vietnam-War era reliever

The US built this strip as a reliever for Nha Trang Air Base (VVNT) during the Vietnam War. In the satellite photo, it appears abandoned.

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This was built as a US air base during the Vietnam war, and was captured by North Vietnam in 1975. The airport received major reconstruction during the early 2000s, and starting in 2004, it took over scheduled civilian air traffic for Nha Trang from VVNT.

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Vietnam War

This was originally a French colonial air base built in 1949, and it served as a major US and South Vietnamese air base during the Vietnam War, until its capture in 1975. Until 2004, the base handled civilian traffic for Nha Trang as well, but that now goes through VVCR.

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