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re: Reported as (temporarily) closed

Reply to @david: Reopened in 2018 but only for military use, which seems to remain the case in 2023.

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As of 2023

The cleared area at the south end of the runway trace is clearly a soccer field.

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Using "XK" for Kosovo

(Mentioning here, since this is Kosovo's largest airport.) OurAirports is using "XK" for Kosovo until it has its own ISO 3166 code, as recommended by UN Security Council resolution 1244/99.

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(no subject)

I found the IATA code still mentioned at IATA's website, so I added it.

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This is a military airfield, bombed by NATO in 1999. Based on the satellite photo, the runway does appear to be maintained.

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Reported as (temporarily) closed

According to Wikipedia, this airport is closed as of December 2015, but there are plans to reopen it for low-cost carriers.

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This is airport is great and they are building a new one, Cool