Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe

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Close it

@Bill35's location is only 0.74 nautical miles from my location. Still doesn't look like an airport.

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Possible alternative location

@Bill35 found a different location in a 1996 Tactical Pilotage Chart (UK Ministry of Defence military survey): -17.0049 30.8961

Zooming in shows something that might once have been a runway there, though it's much rutted and crossed by paths now. I wonder if Zimbabwe is simply reluctant to let international authorities know about how much infrastructure it has let decay during its decades of economic trouble, so it wants to keep this on the books (number of airports is one of the indicators used in international development).

In any case, we need to decide (a) whether to move the marker per the 1996 chart, and (b) whether to mark the airport as "closed" based on its visible state in the sat view. Thoughts?

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It's still in my Eurocontrol/EAD data dump, although the location is slightly different. It still doesn't look like much of an airport on Google Earth, though.

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(no subject)

Marked as closed until we have new information.

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Dawson's airport

There is no airport at the location shown. Nor is there even any kind of rough landing strip.

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