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great little place. the people I met there were friendly, and quite helpful. spent some time there,

snowed in. the ladies at the library were most helpful, and didn't mind us laying out the charts, and flight planning. the fuel guys, and flying club members we talked to were a world of help, and we really appreciate our stay.

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nice place, available fuel. windy. stopped in over the new year, crew plowed big berm of snow right up to the tail of my plane. called maintenance, explained I was going to have to leave in a couple days, and was assured it would be cleared. next evening I went out and hand shoveled. wasn't to bad, under 2 hours, -25 degrees, wind 25 knots gusting higher. (didn't check how cold wind chill) just darn cold. still not sure why they would do that, only plane at the tie downs. plenty of room to plow snow, and built berm on up wind side of field. ?????