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Once upon a time this is where helicopters from nearby CFB Gagetown practised touchdown autorotations. We used grass/packed snow areas alongside the runways. Is this still what folks do, or do you still use the "new" autorotation area at the Gagetown heliport?

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Deer Lake

A gaggle of CH-135s and one or two CH-136s camped near here in autumn 1974 and flew into the airport often, but much flying to the west over magnificent terrain. Very wet month!

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Chipmunk 035

I don't know whether it is still there, but Chipmunk #035 was once in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum collection. It was the first aircraft I flew, and the one in which I flew my first solo. And it still looked to be in pretty good shape when I saw it there decades later, all shiny with the faint scent of nervous pilot sweat in the leathery cockpit!

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Porcupine Mountain Fire, 1979

Worked a forest fire at Porcupine Mountain in 1979. My high-time month as far as flying time is concerned.

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Collective Challenge

Spent some time here in autumn 1978 for a helicopter competition. Fun