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Nice airfield,

landing for ultralight was 20eur, overnight stay 12 eur and hangar was 10 eur.

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a lot of activity

very nice sports airfield, a lot of activities: gliding, skydiving, flying

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Great airport

Great airport, very friendly stuff

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landing and handling

nice airport.

landing and handling for ultralight aircraft was 9 eur.

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Not recomended for general aviation -smal plane

landing for less than 1 ton MTOW 2 persons was more than 88 euro. No AVGAS refuling possible if not arranged prior arrival.

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Nice airport

They offer prior arrival/departure arranged costums for extra payment of 31 EUR

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Technical landing (Landing, Handling, fees, Departure) for up to 1 TON MTOW for a two seat aircraft was 35 EUR.

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Very nice airport

Friendly and nice attendants and load personel.

Technical landing for two-seater <1 TON MTOW is less than 12 EUR.

Highly recommended airport.

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Diferent prices

This year prices are higher.

Same plane (less than 1 TON MTOW, two seater) landing and handling for 3 days was 65 EUR.

Also TAXI wanted 37 EUR. Rent-a-car price is 50EUR/day

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Nice airport

Friendly stuff, nice airport, reasonable prices at restaurant in airport.

Landing and handling for for 2 seater <1TON MTOW is 29 EUR.

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Expensive technical landing

technical landing was 35eur for small two seater 600kg MTOW

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Landing fee is 150 HRK ~cca. 20 EUR.

The runway is bumpy.

The place is nice. The beach is 300m away. Also there is 5 min walk to town.

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Nice airfield

The staff is very friendly and the location is nice. Highly recommended to visit.

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nice destination

frendly staff

landing for small two seater aircraft was 15,6 eur

overnight parking 4,9 eur

concrete anchor 2,8 eur

sending flight plan over fax 1,9 eur

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Nice airport, stuff is friendly.

Landing, handling and parking for 3 days (2 nights) was 45 EUR

Taxi to Budva city is between 15 to 30 EUR.