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Good day trip from Perth

Great for a day trip from Perth. Walk from the strip to the shops for lunch, then walk to Wave Rock. We loved flying there and back.

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Landed many times here to refuel

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Attended the opening

Attended the opening of this airfield in a Dragon Rapide, DH89a

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Great location

Fly here and have lunch.

Did this in a tiger moth.

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Learnt to fly here

Started my flying at Shepparton as a 16 yr old.

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SAAA fly in

Flew from Perth Western Australia to Cowra for the SAAA annual fly in, 2010.

Camped on the field. Great location.

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Refuel and stay

Good place for a stop over to refuel and recharge.

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Refuel here

Good refueling at YPAG. Stretch and have your own sandwich. No food available on the field.

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Overnight stay

Reefueled eqch way and stayed overnight when heading back west. Good stop off before taking the trip west back across the Nullabor.

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Refueled here

Stopped to refuel due to Forrest being out of fuel. Take care if there has been recent rain. The strip as some low spots. You will see the wet spots of there are weeds growing over the strip.

I hope they have replaced their refueling ladder. It is a death trap.

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Great facility

Stayed overnight at Forrest. Great for a break. Airport manager was terrific.

Call in advance to confirm fuel is available.

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Last fuel heading east till Forrest

Kal is worth a stop over to see all the mining history.

Refuel here before heading east on the Indian Pacific rail line to Forrest.

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Great place to visit

Exmouth is at the entrance to Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Reef.

This is an incredible place to visit. Snorkel and swim with whale sharks and manta rays when in season.

Snorkel Turquoise Bay is a must do.

Swimming with a whale shark or manta ray you will remember all your life.

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Stopped for a leg stretch and refuel

Ring in advance to ensure refueling is available at the time you fly through, particularly weekends.

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Great trip to see the dolphins

Great place to visit for a few days to see the dolphins at Monkey Mia.

We stayed at the resort.

Shark Bay Air Charter were very helpful.

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Stopped for a leg stretch and a bite to eat

Stopped for a short leg stretch and a bite to eat

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Strong winds

Be prepared for the strong winds on landing. Use the best available runway.

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Flight coastal toward Point Ann

Don't miss the coastal flight to Point Ann. Look out carefully for Whales from Point Ann to Albany. Typically August to November

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Great for an overnight stay

Bremer Bay is great for an overnight or more stay.

Bremer Bay Resort was incredibly helpful with airport pick up and drop off.

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Refuel here before going whale watching

The coast between Albany and Point Ann to the east has an incredible number of whales close to shore in August through to November. Stay at Albany or Bremmer Bay.

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An amazing place to fly into

The opportunity to land here is incredibly rare, Perth's original airstrip.

The last time was the SAAA Langley Park Fly In, October 2011.

My landing is captured on this link on YouTube.

Or search using Langley Park Fly In SAAA

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Great location

This is a great airstrip servicing Busselton and the Margaret River region.

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Weekend trip

Margaret River is a great place to fly to and stay a couple of nights. Terrific area to visit.

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Great for lunch at the winery

This is a great day visit from Perth. Ensure you contact the winery first though. You need to sign an indemnity form.

Note the location shown on the map is about 1500 m too far west.

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Dirt strip

Great little dirt strip to practice landings close to Perth.

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Wickham airport is closed

Note that Wickham airport is now permanently closed. The expansion of Rio Tinto's Cape Lambert Port has resulted in its closure.