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Ishigaki Airport was moved.

On March 7, 2013, Ishigaki airport, transfer, and became a New Ishigaki Airport.

Along with this, the old Ishigaki Airport has been closed.

For more information, see the following link.

Airport homepage:


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Iwakuni Airport reopening

Iwakuni Airport was reopened in Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station and the same place on December 13, 2012, and the airline of 4 coming and going a day was established between Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) by All Nippon Airways.

It in this way becomes the airport of the soldier common use.

In addition, the nickname of the airport is "Iwakuni Kintai-kyo Airport".

Website of the airport (Japanese only) →

Wikipedia's home page →

PS:Dear administrator of our airport

Iwakuni is Yamaguchi Prefecture not Hiroshima Prefecture. Please revise it.

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re: Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open.

Reply to @Hayato: Additional information: Airport information by Wikipedia

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re: Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open.

Reply to @Hayato: IATA code : FSZ ICAO code : RJNS

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Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport is open.

The Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport opened to Makinohara city Shizuoka Prefecture near the Shizuhama airport.

The establishment day is June 4, 2009.

Please refer to the website in the airport for details.