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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix, Arizona, United States


A long time ago, In a Galaxy Far far away, I was a Sailor. One fateful Saturday, in the Spring of 2009, I took my Tax refund and used it to go flying, Airport was KFME. After that my life was Never the same, 1 year later I was still Flying, this time at KSDM with Plans to attend Embry-Riddle as soon as I got out of the Navy. Half way through Rotor wing training at ERAU, I was hit with a Pulmonary embolism. 2 years later I bought a traveling tool box, full of tools from my very good IA friend Randy, a few years after that, I Moved to Phoenix, from Prescott, and Started AMT school at Chandler-Gilbert. By summer of 2022 I should have both Air Frame and Power Plant Certificates accomplished. future plans include finishing up my Flying certs, and Flying for fun, whilst turning wrenches for a living. I am married to the Most wonderful woman on the face of the earth and we plan on having our own plane and flying around the US with as many Kids as God sees fit to give us. upon retirement, i want to Build an airpark s

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