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Cheap Gas and a VOR on Field!

Usually the best gas prices in South GA!

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Rio Concho has good burgers

Get the bonanza and leave with AV Gas. I don't think they do the free burger with Avgas purchase anymore.

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"Friendliest Airport" Great Cafe

Check out the Blue Hanger Cafe...and one of the few Tetrahedron "wind socks" I've ever seen.

Nice place.

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Sometimes Underwater... Like now July 2007

If it's been raining for months on end, Lake Lewisville may swallow the South end of the runway.

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The Greatest $100 Hmaburger Airport ever!

30, Count them 30 restaurants within walking distant of the North West transient ramp, and an Upscale mall to boot. Also adjacent to a Home Depot, a Cost-co, and a Super-Duper Walmart. There is nothing you can't fly to at this airport. Right traffic to 34 and Call Addison KADS 126.0 in bound listen to Addison atis on 133.4 and follow the directions for inbound to ADS, then tell them you're going to Airpark.