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Quiet and friendly to ultralights

The field is nicely maintained by EAA chapter 65. If you fly there regularly, they ask you join them ($50/year or so).

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Friendly owner

The field's owner, Newton Little, is an aviation enthusiast that is too old to fly but maintains the strip and welcomes guest pilots. He lives in the house next to the field - please ask him for permission or inquire about hangaring your plane there. There is also an RC field on the premises. Great scenery to the NW.

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Ultralight friendly and safe

I often fly a paratrike (PPG/PPC) out of the infield there, both mornings and evenings. A very safe and ultralight friendly airport, with relatively little traffic. An air-band radio is a requirement, but a lot of flexibility otherwise. Great scenery to enjoy within a short distance in all directions.