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Friendly airport - Great owner!

We, Harry(Zodiac 600) and a Roy(Challenger II), landed at this field as a diversion due to weather and picked up by a friendly pilot (Rick) who lives in town and offered us a place to spend night. Came back later part of the day to tiedown the planes and were extreamly happy/pleased to see that the owner had already anchored and tied them for us :). Neat place to see the glider activity and a plane that they use to tow glider up.

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Great Airport - Very active

Visited twice and saw lots of activity happening. Airport manager is very friendly and helpful. Its very scenic to go over the big river just to the west of the airport on climb out or on approach.

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Very Nice fascility

Great airport to have a stop over or a fuel stop. Nice retaurant on site and gas stations are just a walking distance. Local community uses French only on radio....Be prepared or be motivated to go nordo. :)

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Nice fascility - Unfriendly community

I did a fuel stop over from my flight to Baldwin from Qubec city here in summer 2013. Found the guy on unicom and in terminal very friendly but the pilot there renting a 172 there with his family was very dry and didnt even bother providing me any information when I requested. 'This is a club building' and I was not allwed to relax there for a bit. Ended up relaxing on grass outside the terminal listening to the radio inside.

In short, a great airport for stop over but be prepared to ignore some of the roughest or dry aviation people in the club side of the airport that I have ever come accross.

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Ultralighter's Heaven

This is a small airport with lots of lively aviation spirit in it. Lots of challengers becuse of a challenger builder, inspector and a instructor on site. Also a home base for the Advanced ultralight SONEX aircraft. This is one airport where you will find minimum 'dead' aircrafts sitting collecting sun or dust. Very helpful community and the parachute school loves pilots who talk to them on radio. A easy airport to fly in, provided you talk to unicom and clear your intentions.

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Rough Surface - Nice Airport

To make the matters worse, there is a drain hole in the middle of the runway about 1/3 from the east. Its marked by a flag on the north side edge of the runway. So, If you are landing with a taildragger, try to stick close to the southern edge. Used to be a very nice flying community there but things are looking to go downside. I hope that it will re-emerge into life.

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Must visit ariport

Great fascilities, very friendly staff, active unicom and resonable priced restaurant for awesome breakfast. i am frequent visitor there and many times with ultralights. Makes for a great fuel stop over for longer cross countires. If the winds are more from south, expect some weird turbulence on short final for 13 due to brush line or trees. I prefer landing long in that situation. HAPPY FLYING!

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Great Airport - A good alternate if the winds are high.

This is a great airoport to visit and fuel prices are resonable for a fuel stop. In line with others, the restaurant is more of a fancy restaurant user primarily by road traffic rather then pilots ...specially the economical ones like me. A fish n; chips or bugers to menu would make a good addition for having fliers drop in.