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Check out Flower Aviation. Great facility and nice folks to

GCK is ALWAYS windy so be prepared.

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Busy airport - be on your toes here.

PDK is a busy G-A airport. Be on your toes if you're a low time pilot 'cause there's a lot of traffic here.

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Leading Edge Aviation

Greg Turner runs a first class operation at this airport.

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Fine facility at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

5000' runway, nice approaches, and super nice people. Lest I forget, there's also the 57A cafe next to the terminal. It's not haute cuisine but it is convenient and the pretty good.

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Big bad Metro isn't so "bad" anymore!

For years Metro Airport was the poster boy for dark and dank terminals. It was a truly disgusting airport.

Today, it is state-of-the-art in every way. I love flying through here.

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Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport - South Carolina's old

My home airport. 5200' runway with ILS and close to Spartanburg's downtown.