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Nice little airport with a restaurant on the field. A little pricey ($9 for a tuna melt) but good service and good food. They have some specialty sandwiches I should have time. Watch out for skydivers on the weekend. They never stop falling for the sky and the jump planes use the crossing runway. Listen and be alert. It is very, very busy.

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No one here when I visited on Sunday, Jan 18th, 2009. What a beautiful place with flush toilets and a cool, secluded campground. I will definitely be back in a few weeks to do some camping and exploring.

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Want to talk about an awesome museum?! This place has the WAAAM that houses a huge collection of early model FLYING aircraft and running automobiles. Everything is in perfect condition, even a Curtiss-Jenny with serial #1! As a bonus, you get to fly the Columbia Gorge to get there.

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An airport with a neat museum and a lot of history. Visited here for the West Coast Cherokee Pilot's Assoc. Fly-In. Great location, just review the chart carefully and be prepared to follow Portland's instructions, especially if not granted access to Class C airspace.

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Great small-town airport

Easy access and a wonderful group of locals hanging out, ready to answer questions. They are also getting ready to base a beautiful, polished DC-3 at the airport. Not to be missed.

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Red Bluff Air

Nice airport and easy to find. The FBO is run by a couple retired guys who are easy enough to get along with. $5 ramp fee if you stay overnight. They'll waive it if you buy fuel. Enterprise rental is a couple blocks away and they'll pick you up at the airport. Lassen Volcanic National Park is about an hour's drive away and a great destination for backpacking or even a day trip. It can get HOT in the afternoon so check density altitude and your performance charts.