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re: PPR and stay in the middle

whoops! make that SE of field :-)

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PPR and stay in the middle

as prev post states, there can be some low & soggy spots so stick to to the exact middle of the strip. Also keep in mind the high tower (flashing) SW of field. Don't extend your downwind too far for 35 :-)

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Weird wind

Been here a few times (always in the spring/summer months) and have found the wind to be odd. There's a some trees and a few bumps in the North ground that may contribute to this. A couple times wind has been dead on one side and 10-15 kts on the other (measured via dual windsocks installed at aerodrome). But don't let that discourage you.... great airport!

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No french? no UNICOM

Been here a couple times and could never get the UNICOM to respond to my english... Other pilots in the circuit speaking french do receive a response. What can you do :-)

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Visual games on 28

Great airport, watch for visual tricks when you come in on 28. The water is low and so is the grass before the strip starts....but the threshold is higher. Keep an eye out for skydiving traffic. The buildings you see on former 04/22 comprise a skydiving school.