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Friendly people

The security guards before we got to check in taxed some cigarettes off my friend who had quite a few packets left. Pretty funny, but they were really friendly, so what do you do?

Maccas outside was much more affordable than any food options on the airside, and all the shopping prices are quite inflated compared to on the street.

We got stuck with a flight delay here, so ended up going back to Kuta beach for a couple of hours before returning for the flight. It's close by and cheap to get to.

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Quite developed

I was surprised at the development of Chengdu's airport. Very modern, light and airy design - shopping and food options, some quite nice and not too expensive.

Plenty of fruit stalls before check-in to stock up on the local favourites also.

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New terminal just opened April 2010

With all the preparations for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Hongqiao Airport got a new terminal!

All very flash, with new connections to the line 2 of the subway which will also take you directly (in an hour and a half I've heard) out to Pudong International Airport.

Would be great to see more regional flights flying into Hongqiao in the future.

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11 terminals?

I've only been once, but was shocked at the condition and arrangement of this airport.

11 terminals? It seemed more like one big long mess, no real distinction.

Very disappointed with both duty free shopping and any dining options.

BUT they were in a state of renovation when I came in and out of LAX. Hope that this can be finalised eventually!