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Fun fly in

When reading comments from Anonymous posters, one should probably consider the source. Except, you can't. Because it's anonymous, likely for good reason. 57Alpha Cafe is alive and well, open for business, and this airport is a great day trip destination. We had a wonderful experience there last weekend, beautiful area… support GA!

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DJ's 50's and 60's Diner

Exit the back of the FBO and walk down to the road, hang a left and just on the other side of John Deere is a cool little diner called DJ's 50's and 60's Diner. Great diner destination! Very nice flight in, highly recommend!

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Good Eats!

Check out the Skyline Family Restaurant! What a great diner destination!!!

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A picturesque airport, to say the least! Didn't drop to pattern altitude until final. No problems taking off 25 on an August day in my cherokee 180, but I see your point...

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A fun day trip!

Beautiful, modern terminal, nice big runway, courtesy car for the 2 mile drive into town where you should not must not miss an absolutely splendid lunch at the Little Bistro.... I highly recommend a visit via air to the super-friendly town of Liberty!

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Least favorite airport in Virginia

Sorry to say, but this is my least favorite airport in VA, and there's only three now that I haven't hit yet. The controllers were inattentive, unresponsive, and kind of rude. When asked which rwy I wanted on arrival, I said 34L. Got cleared for 34R. Later, Clearance Del left me idling in the heat for at least 5 minutes, claiming to be looking for my flight plan, which was in the system, and the estimated departure time I'd filed was right on the money. I was glad to get out of there, and I won't be back. I feel sorry for VFR pilots who have to fly up there in that SFRA mess.