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down home airport

Cheapest av gas in Georgia. Front porch rocking chairs at FBO to watch takeoffs & landings. A lovable FBO dog named "Goober" to pet. Pretty scenery nearby. JZP might be the perfect small town airport.

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On field restaurant

Cheap fuel. Friendly people. The diner is in the FBO/terminal building. Chrome stools at the bar. Tables with mismatched tablecloths. Big plate glass windows looking out at the ramp and runways. Sweet potato french fries and the hands-down best chicken (a flattened, seasoned, battered, fried chicken breast) sandwich I have ever eaten in my entire life. What is not to like about LFK?

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great for a daytrip

a short five minute walk from the airport to a sugar-white sand public beach. Local restaurants will pick you up at the airport. 4R9 is a great day-trip or weekend getaway air strip.

Just remember that there is no fuel or any services here at all. The strip is bit short and short final to RWY12 looks like you are about to land on a carrier. But that is the charm of 4R9 I guess.