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Tsushima Yamaneko Airport 対馬やまねこ空港

Very small (but neat) airport which is served by only 2 cities in Kyushu: Fukuoka and Nagasaki. Planes flying there are all De Havilland Canada propeller machines. There is one souvenir shop inside the airport with a very small cafe corner adjacent to it. The name in Japanese has the Tsushima Leopard Cat included which is indigenous to the island and the airport is full of cat mascots.

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THE best airport!

Haneda is THE best airport that I know. Super efficient airport, and reasonably short ways for both domestic and international terminals. Haneda is situated in Tokyo’s Ota district, which is in South Tokyo (between Tokyo and Yokohama) and is therefore much closer to Tokyo than Narita, which is technically not even in Tokyo, but the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. If you are lucky and both wind and weather conditions align, you can get some really nice views of the city from above during ascend/descent with Fuji-san kn the background.