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Nice facility

FBO building is well equipped and only a few years old. Runways are both sloped down toward the middle so let the runout just happen.

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Nice FBO and great fuel prices

They are gradually building up the facilities at this new airport. The FBO building opened recently and it's very nice, with good meeting space and a modern architecture. They are luring fliers (at least piston fliers!) with some of the cheapest 100LL prices in the area, so if you're nearby you should stop in.

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Nicest Folks in the South!

You absolutely must stop in Moultrie if you're in the area. They give every arrival a friendly "welcome to Moultrie," their fuel price is cheaper than anywhere even with full serve, and they gladly give up the crew car for a trip to town for lunch.

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Sun n' Fun Spot

This is a decent spot to fly into for Sun n' Fun. It's a bit far away from the Lakeland, but easy to get into and out of so much less hassle. They charged a $4/night parking fee (2008) and a $4.99 service charge for gassing up, on top of the fuel charge.